The term innovation and Killer Boards is synonymous. The sole mission of Killer Sports Products, Inc. (KSP) is to create high performance paddle surfboards(SUP) that perform like short boards - in that respect, mission accomplished.

However, because of recent demand
for longer traditional style boards, we have produced several Killer stand-up paddleboard for the “longboarder” as well.

Be assured that all of our products are, and will continue
to be built solely in the USA.


Innovation and Killer Boards is synonymous. Our broad spectrum of designs is the result of collaboration between world class shapers and professional surfers. Each model has literally undergone years of testing and refinement until it has been proven through countless hours in the surf that each model is the best that it can be.

The Killer apparel line.

The Killer Hat, like all our products, is the highest quality we have found. Made by Flex-Fit they’ll keep their shape and last.